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The Team

Who We Are


Katherine Anderson

Founder & Owner

Katherine has been a Registered Massage Therapist in practice since 2002.

Katherine has worked in many different clinic environments applying her

knowledge of assessment, anatomy, physiology, and pathology. Katherine is also

certified in Myofascial Release and completed the Masters Series in Structural

Integration. This effective treatment of connective tissue issues has led Katherine

to focus on posture correction and maintenance.

Katherine is also an Osteopath Manual Practitioner: Osteopathic approach to

manual therapy is of finding, fixing, and leaving areas of contention; this allows

the body to reset and injuries to heal.

Katherine has taught at The Osteopathic College of Ontario since 2010 and is an

international instructor for the College having travelled and taught the program

most currently in India.


Katherine’s passion is restoring balance and calm to the body. Her elite skill set

and wide-ranging background in several body work modalities allow her to see

not only the potential source(s) of pain, but also the bigger picture in terms of

long-term recovery. She is a member in good standings with The Ontario

Federation of Osteopathic Professionals, the Ontario Council of Drugless Osteopathy

and The College of Registered Massage Therapists of Ontario and The Registered

Massage Therapists Association of Ontario

Katherine Anderson a sault native that has been dedicated to continuing

education related to her field recently completing her Masters in Integrative

Osteopathy and continues studies in Pediatric Osteopathy. As well as holds a

fellowship with The First Principles of Movement as movement is essential to

complete the work. Katherine holds a Pilates Mat certification and strives to

incorporate active movement into every treatment.


The Goal of Ms. Anderson is to share the wonders of osteopathic intervention as

well as provide insight for as many humans as possible in related to their and their

family’s health and wellness.


She is very excited to share or at least lift the veil in to the wonder that is

osteopathy to the people of Sault Ste Marie!

249 479 8776

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Dalaina Orr

Registered Massage Therapist

Dalaina’s roots are in Sault Ste Marie where she earned her Registered Massage Therapist designation at Sault College over 20 years ago. As a life-long learner, Dalaina is currently enrolled in nursing studies and has also taught massage therapy. Her varied background also includes working with victim services in the city for five years.  She has since returned to her passion for massage therapy and has a special interest in lymphatic activation.

In her spare time, Dalaina loves growing plants and learning as much as she can about advances in her field.

249 479 8776

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Jessica Kind

Advanced Foot Care Nurse and Registered Massage Therapist

Jessica has dedicated her life to health care. She has been a Registered Nurse for more than 30 years with a current emphases on advanced foot care nursing and services.

She’s also a Registered Massage Therapist and acted as a peer assessor for the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO).


Jessica believes in the power of mentoring and has mentored countless massage therapists and nursing apprentices.


Her wide area of study includes cranial therapy, visceral therapy and acupuncture.


When she’s not studying, she loves the outdoors, renovating and spending time with her mother. She’s also passionate about animals and has volunteered her time over the years with animal rescues.

249 479 8776

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Penny Tosello

Patient Coordinator

After working for years in the corporate world, Penny missed that one-on-one interaction with the public.

She’s now bringing her gift of connection to our clinic as our patient coordinator. Penny keeps everything organized and running on time.


She loves to spend time with her family, go camping and recently has started to travel the world.

249 479 8766

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